Felony Offense

A felony case begins when someone is accused of committing a crime punishable by imprisonment in state prison (i.e.- punishable by imprisonment for greater than one year). The investigating police agency submits a warrant request to the prosecuting attorney who reviews the incident report(s) submitted by the police. If the prosecuting attorney believes there is sufficient evidence to prove a charge, he begins a criminal case by filing a complaint against a defendant. If the defendant has not already been arrested, a warrant for arrest will be issued when the complaint is filed.

Penalties for Felony Cases
Depending upon the crime, penalties for felony convictions range from probation to a life term in prison. Additional penalties can include, amongst other punishments: fines, court costs, statutory assessments, vehicle immobilization, community service, license sanctions and incarceration.

Sentence agreements and plea agreements are often employed to bargain for specific arrangements (e.g.- work release, treatment programs, etc…) and/or to reduce or eliminate jail time.

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