Contested Divorce

If you are and your spouse have exhausted all of your other options and are now headed for a divorce, a contested divorce attorney can help you wade through the highly complicated process of going to court and managing your case. By utilizing the services of The Gulley Law Firm, you can remove many barriers that may be blocking your efforts to quickly move toward the dissolution of your marriage.

Divorce laws are sometimes complicating and the unsettling process of filing for divorce is not easy. Getting divorced is a painful and often life-altering process that can often turn your world and that of your family members completely upside down.

There are several grounds for divorce, but if one party wants a divorce the other party will not be able to prevent it. Also the “fault” in a divorce does not get either party anything more or less from assets and support except in the most egregious cases. Not all settlement proceedings involve straight forward issues and they require the help of a qualified divorce attorney who knows the law and who has handled difficult divorce cases in the past.

Filing for Divorce

Litigation may also be necessary, if you and your spouse cannot resolved issues, whether they pertain to your children, spousal and or child support, immediate and irreparable dissipation of assets, or if you believe that you are otherwise unable to work with your spouse toward the dissolution of your marriage.

Whether you need help understanding your options, mediating the terms of your divorce with your spouse, or with divorce litigation before a judge, The Gulley Law Firm can help you. Contact The Gulley Law Firm to discuss your case today!